Can I listen to a book without a network connection? How do I download books for offline listening?

The Chirp app allows you to download your books to your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet and listen to them without needing to be connected to the internet.

It's not possible to download your audiobooks for offline listening to a source other than the Chirp app, which is currently only available for Android and iOS devices. You can learn more about our app here.


Downloaded books are saved to your device and use device storage space. If you need to free up space on your device, you can archive books. Learn more about archiving here: How do I archive a book?

How to Download a Book for Offline Listening in the Chirp app

Step 1: From the "My Library" screen, tap on the three vertical dots to the right of the book that you'd like to download.

Example of actions menu in the Chirp app


Step 2: On this menu, tap the "Download" option.

Example of the Download button in the Chirp app


Step 3: The download has completed when this option changes from “Cancel download” to “Remove download”. You’ll see a green cloud icon next to books in your library that have been downloaded successfully.

Example of the Downloaded icon for a downloaded book in the Chirp app.


If we can be of any further assistance, please feel free to reach out — we're happy to help! You can contact us here: Contact Us.

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