How do I delete a book I've downloaded for offline listening?

If you've downloaded a book using the Chirp app and would like to remove the download to save storage space on your device, please follow the steps below. If you ever want to download the book again in the future, please see this FAQ.

Please note:

Deleting a downloaded book only removes the saved file from your device so that it doesn't use storage space. The book will still be available in your library and available for streaming while online. If you'd prefer to archive a book so that it doesn't appear in your library, please see our FAQ: How do I archive a book?

How to delete a downloaded book:

Open the Chirp app and tap the three vertical dots next to the downloaded book.

Example of Actions Menu in the Chirp app

Tap the "Remove download" option from this menu, and then confirm that you'd like to remove the download.

Example of the Remove Download button in the Chirp app

Once you've confirmed, the download will be removed and you'll no longer see the green cloud icon next to it in your library. You'll still be able to listen to this book while connected to the internet, but it won't be available when you're offline.

Please contact us with any additional questions. We're happy to help!

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