How can I tell if my book is downloaded for offline listening?

The Chirp app allows you to download your books to your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet and listen to them without needing to be connected to the internet. For detailed steps on how to download a book in the Chirp app, please see this FAQ.

You'll know when a book has successfully downloaded if you see a green cloud icon next to it in your library, along with the word "Downloaded".

A book that's been downloaded successfully in the Chirp app

Why does my book show a percentage other than 100%? Does this mean it's not downloaded?

The percentage bar you're seeing refers to the listening progress you've made in a book. For example, if you see a book that shows 51%, this means that you've listened to a little more than half of the book, or 51% of the total runtime.

A book in progress in the Chirp app

If a book shows a bar that's at 100%, this means that you've finished listening to that book. 

Books that have been listened to in the Chirp app, showing 100% completion

Why does a chapter of my book show as "In Progress"? Does this mean that this chapter didn't download?

If you're in the chapter menu of a book and one of the chapters is labeled "In Progress", this means that you're currently listening to that specific chapter of the book.

If you'd like to confirm that a book is downloaded for offline listening, go to the "My Library" screen of the Chirp app and verify that it has the green cloud icon next to it, along with the word "Downloaded".

A chapter in progress in the Chirp app

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