How can I change the genres I'm interested in?

You can sign in and update your category preferences at any time, here.

You can select or deselect a category by clicking on the box to the left of the category. If a category is selected, you'll see a blue box with a white checkmark next to it.

As you browse the categories, you'll notice that selecting a broader category such as "Fiction" or "Mysteries & Thrillers" will automatically select all of the specific subgenres within that category. If you're only interested in the more specific subgenres, deselect the main category and then only select the subgenres you'd like to receive emails about.

Example: If the only Nonfiction books you’re interested in are those in the True Crime subgenre, deselect the main Nonfiction category and then only select the True Crime category.

Be sure to click on the "Save and Continue" button in order to apply any changes you've made.

Please note: If you update your categories, it can take up to 24 hours to see these changes reflected in your emails.

The category selection page on Chirp, with several categories checked off.

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