How do I review a book?

You can review any book that you’ve purchased via the Chirp app or on the Chirp website.

To review a book using the Chirp app, you’ll first need to finish listening to the book or manually mark it as finished. Once you’ve completed the book, open your Finished books tab via the My Library screen.

Review Book 1.jpeg

From here, tap the “Add rating and review” option.

Review Book 2.jpeg

Share your rating and review and then tap the Save button to post it.

You can also post reviews from To add a review, search for the book or view your books from the My Library screen. Open the Book Details page, then scroll until you see the Add Review button.

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Add your rating and review, then click Save.

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If we can be of any further assistance, please feel free to reach out — we’re happy to help! You can contact us here: Contact Us.

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